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There are many ways to get more discounts on your auto insurance, many of which are listed below:

1. Multi-car discount: you usually can get a discount if you add a second car into the same policy. With State Farm, the discount is up to 20%. The added person can still pay for his/her own car through her own automatic payment plan.

2. Multi-line discount: Generally, if your current insurance company offers both auto & homeowner insurance, they will give a discount for bundling them together. With State Farm, you can get up to 17% discount.

If you are renting and have no renter insurance, you should consider buying that renter policy for just around $10.5/mo. (State Farm price) & you can get enough auto discount that it pays for the renter insurance. Now, you have more coverage for the unexpected things at the same auto premium or even lower compared to before!

3. Good driving discount: Insured drivers have no moving violations nor at-fault accidents in the last three years are qualified for up to 10% discount with State Farm.

4. Loyalty discount: most insurance carriers will reward you for staying with them. The longer you stay, the more discount you get, up to a maximum %. With State Farm, it is 3% every year, up to 18%.

5. Youth-Safe Driving Program: for young drivers with less than 3 years since they got their driver license can take this class (State Farm class) & get a discount of up 15% on his/her auto insurance.

6. Good-Student Discount: for drivers under 25 that meet the criteria,

7. Drive-Safe-And-Save Discount: if you agree to report your mileage to State Farm every six month, State Farm give you a discount on your auto insurance.

8. Mature Driver Certificate Discount: this is an approved DMV class that if you take it, you can get the discounts from State Farm. Ask me how.

There are more discounts that I can discuss with you when you call for free quote.